As a Christ-follower, I strongly believe that just about every worldly institution can be redeemed for the sake of Jesus’ fame and adoration. But I wonder if we use the redeemability-of-all-things argument as a justification to not give up the very things that seem to be doing far more damage than good. I surely have.

We recognize that the world, in its current condition, is broken and in shambles; but more than that, something inside us says “this is not how things are intended to be.” So we hang on to a hope that there is goodness amidst the chaos and that not every story must end in tragedy.

Thus, I’m given a choice: I can dive deeply into the wells of my bitterness and lie about how happy I am for my friend (though this really offers me no long-term benefits), or I can swallow the hard pill of my pride and recognize that the success of my friend is no threat to me.