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Who We are

Andrew, James, Tom, and Tucker study together at a divinity school in Birmingham, Alabama. They love to discuss theology, public life, and SEC sports. 

Andrew writes as an Anglican who not-so-secretly wishes he could be Eastern Orthodox, and quotes the Bible, Wendell Berry, and Chance the Rapper in equal proportions.  He married his high school sweetheart, Anna, in June of 2016, and can usually be found trying to embarrass her at the grocery store.

Tom is a sort of accidental Baptist. He has a theologian crush on Augustine and regards cargo pants as appropriate attire in most social situations.

James Henderson is an Anglican infatuated with Eastern Orthodoxy. When not stressing about papers and the weird noises his car is making, he can be found playing Settlers of Catan, performing illusions, enjoying all things theatrical, and Lincoln-Douglas debating others over the virtues of fedoras.

Tucker approaches theology from a continental reformed perspective. He carries the Three Forms of Unity everywhere he goes, and can usually be found wearing some sick threads he picked up at a thrift store.

Why "The Contrarian Collective"?

We believe "The Contrarian Collective" gives a good summary of who we are as friends, and who we hope to be as a confessional blogging community. We are a collective because we believe the Christian scriptures to be the true Word of God, confess the historic creeds of the Church catholic, and hold ourselves to the broad commitments of the Reformation, summed up in the "Five Solas."  We are contrarians for two reasons: first, though we share a commitment to Christian orthodoxy, we have many points of distinction within our respective traditions, about which we cheerfully, charitably, and frequently argue. And second, we hope by our writing to stand Contra Mundum"against the world"in the best tradition of our brother Athanasius. That is, we aim to confess the Christian gospel with clarity, charity, and vigor at precisely the points at which the world denies it. Thus we are a collective of contrariansthe Contrarian Collective.